Company Profile

Driven by unwavering dedication, superior service, and uncompromising results, at Alexander Real Estate, we are committed to delivering tailored, long-term solutions to every one of our client’s property and lifestyle goals. 

Consistently servicing clients with unrivalled industry knowledge, expert market insight and ensuring the very best outcome through a bespoke real estate approach is what Director, Steve Alexander stands for. 

After an impressive 20+ years in the industry, Alexander Real Estate is proudly aligned with the most innovative and premium marketing professionals, showcasing your home in the highest way. From stylists, photographers, and digital marketers, our agency is built on cultivating a seamless, stress-free experience for all stakeholders involved, whilst delivering a strategic and successful campaign to drive maximum competition for your home. 

Our philosophy is wholeheartedly built on putting our clients first, in every circumstance. From beginning to end, our team is here to support and guide you through every phase of your property journey. 

Experience the difference, at Alexander Real Estate.