Why sell with Alexander Real Estate?

Our dedicated team at Alexander Real Estate are exceptionally versed in maximising value, driving competition and securing the highest price for your property. 

As market conditions continue to evolve, our supportive team is committed to delivering the best strategy to successfully achieve your real estate ambitions. For confidence in your next property transaction, or an expert appraisal on what your property is worth, our team will be with you every step of the way. 

We also offer…. 

●  Home styling consultations to ensure your property is presented and styled to create a greater sense of appeal. 

●  Coffee vans on Auction day for attendees and bidders to relax and enjoy. 

●  Concierge services including cleaning, gardening or property maintenance for absentee owners, our team is always prepared to offer assistance to ensure a premium outcome throughout the sales campaign. 

●  Settlement day handover to guarantee a smooth and fast transaction from old owner to new, our team will personally manage settlement day key collection and handover. 

Experience the difference, at Alexander Real Estate. 

  • Our Marketing

Print Advertising: 

The significance of showcasing your property in local and national print media is crucial at Alexander Real Estate. Our team carefully selects the best printing publications and outlets to showcase your home. 

Through captivating bold advertisements coupled with our professional architectural photography, rest assured we’ll capture the very best angles and most admired elements of your home precisely to draw maximum attention and competition. 

Digital Marketing & Social Media: 

At Alexander Real Estate, innovation is paramount. We are engaged, informed and highly experienced in developing a successful digital and social media strategy to ensure your home doesn’t get lost in the crowd. 

Our online plan includes showcasing your property on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to drive attention and engagement from your prospective buyers. Using a mix of highly engaging images and video content, our social media marketing strategy is tailored thoughtfully according to your target audience and time of sale. 

To further boost national and international interest, we engage in renowned online platforms such as realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, Newsltd and more to maximise your property’s coverage. Our website alone attracts multiple daily visitors and receives buyer enquiries, accumulating further interest in your home when it goes live. 

Signage, Brochures & Print Marketing: 

We know first impressions are everything, so we ensure your home is best represented in our sophisticated yet contemporary branding style. Our distinctive blue and orange shades are consistent throughout the property’s signage, brochures and print marketing, showing off your property to its best advantage with high quality digital images.